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Manhattanhenge is Tonight!

For just a couple incredible days a year, the Manhattan sunset transforms the city into a magical place with light flowing directly down east to west streets, unencumbered by our tall buildings.

And it is happening tonight! 

Conditions for viewing are expected to be perfect, with clear skies and summer temps. The sun will be setting at 8:27pm so try to find a spot (a little early!) along 14th,  23rd, , 34th, 42nd or 57th Streets and enjoy the ride!

Click through for more from astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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House of the Week: 189 Further Lane (NBA Playoff Edition)

With the second round of the NBA Payoffs in full swing, this edition of House of the Week highlights a Hamptons property with some serious league history. The New York Times reports that the house for sale at 189 Further Lane in East Hampton was the secret location Kevin Durant held negotiations with prospective teams after becoming a free agent in 2016. The rental for the week was a cool $100k. 

(Photo: Paul Ripke/Nike)

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