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How to Find Your Polling Location in NYC

This year’s midterm elections are of incredible importance and more than ever, your vote counts!

According to WNYC, about 7 percent of the city’s 1,231 polling locations have been assigned to new locations, affecting 4 percent of the city’s nearly 5 million voters. While these numbers might seem small, the change impacts nearly 200,000 voters at 89 polling places.

To be sure about where you are scheduled to vote this year, visit NYC’s poll locator to find your spot here:

And remember to Flip the Ballot! Lots of important issues to voice your opinion on the other side.

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5 Tips for Preparing Your Property to Sell

With the post Labor Day real estate market right around the corner, we are working with sellers to get their properties ready to list. No matter how beautiful your space is, here are 5 things you can do to get it ready to sell (or spruce it up if you are sticking around) and see much better returns! Well staged homes can demand 20% more than those left untouched. Contact me if you are looking to get your home in shape!!

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