5 Tips for Preparing Your Property to Sell

With the post Labor Day real estate market right around the corner, we are working with sellers to get their properties ready to list. No matter how beautiful your space is, here are 5 things you can do to get it ready to sell (or spruce it up if you are sticking around) and see much better returns! Well staged homes can demand 20% more than those left untouched. Contact me if you are looking to get your home in shape!!

From Apartment Therapy

1. Declutter all rooms - Careful editing opens up rooms and makes the home appear larger. Also, removing family photos and personal items can make it easier for buyers to imagine the home as theirs.

2. Add a fresh coat of paint - Refreshing the walls can do wonders for a room. Take the opportunity to tone down bold colors and go to a neutral palate. Lighter tones take advantage of any natural light and open up the room.

3. Remove window treatments. Heavy treatments can darken a room and add bulk where a simple approach allowing light in can make it feel bigger. Unless there is something you'd rather your buyer not see outside the window, keep windows as open as possible!

4. Add Accessories - Picking the right items can quickly and inexpensively add style, texture and an aspirational aspect to the home. Consider colorful throw pillows and a blanket on a boring couch. Well chosen artwork, candles flowers, etc. can also go a long way. 

5. Use correctly scaled furniture - It is always good to have furniture in a space, but most of the time, less is more. If your pieces are overpowering, consider replacing on a temporary basis to enhance your home's appeal and bring a better return for you.

Photo: IMG

Photo: IMG